The mission of CONECT Association

The mission of CONECT Association is to improve socially, economically, and culturally people’s quality of life, to enhance social cohesion, dialogue, and the policies for the social integration of migrants and marginal or vulnerable groups, and to promote policies for the regional and communal development.

More to the point, according to its new charter, CONECT Association seeks to bring its efforts and expertise in support of:

The vision of CONECT Association

CONECT believes in a fair and inclusive society, which guarantees each person his or her right to a worthy life, irrespective of his or her ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, political opinions and affiliation, income or social origin.

The values of CONECT Association

CONECT promotes democratic values, individual rights and liberties, ethnic, cultural, and confessional diversity, social justice, equal opportunities, social solidarity and responsibility.