General information about CONECT Association

CONECT Association (full legal name: The Association for Dialogue, Employment and Migration CONECT), formerly named ADO SAH ROM, is an NGO that has the mission to contribute to the improvement of the life quality of individuals from a social, economic and cultural perspective. The organization aims to consolidate social cohesion and intercultural dialogue, to support the policies for the social integration of migrants and refugees, and to promote the regional and community development policies. CONECT Association promotes democratic values, individual rights and freedoms, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, social justice, equal opportunities, solidarity and social responsibility.

CONECT Association is an affiliated member of the SOLIDAR Brussels European network and a founder of the Romanian NGDO Platform (FOND Romania).

The organization has 15 years of experience in managing projects and programs in the fields of labor market, social dialogue, migration, social economy, organization development, financed by the European Commission, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation etc. 


ADO SAH ROM is now the Association for Dialogue, Employment and Migration (CONECT Association) In September 2015, the Association for Organization Development SAH ROM (ADO SAH ROM) became the .. MORE

Mission and values

The mission of CONECT Association The mission of CONECT Association is to improve socially, economically, and culturally people’s quality of life, to enhance social cohesion, dialogue, and the .. MORE


History Our organization appeared in 1996, as an agency for implementing the projects of Swiss Labor Assistance (which later became SOLIDAR Suisse) in the fields of services for the labor mar .. MORE

Our Team

Echipa Rodica Novac - president Cătălin Claudiu Hoinărescu- vicepresident Simona Tutilă- technical coordinator Dora Constantinovici - communication expert Simina Guga - councelor .. MORE

Affiliations & Partners

CONECT Association is: - An affiliated member of the European network SOLIDAR. The European network SOLIDAR is an organization bringing together 60 organizations from 27 countries and worki .. MORE